What $100 Will Buy You Around the World

When you think about things that cost $100, it’s easy to forget that a seemingly small amount in one country can be worth quite a bit in another. And although most of us remember to check the exchange rate from one nation to another, we still often forget to consider that the cost of goods — like food, souvenirs and even gasoline — can vary dramatically, depending on where we are in the world.

1. Paris

  • $100 USD equals: 92 Euros
  • What you can buy: A meal at a moderately priced restaurant, multiple espresso drinks, tickets to the Louvre and more


  1. Thailand
  • $100 USD equals: 3,554 Thai Baht
  • What you can buy: About five products made from real Thai silk


  1. Bahamas
  • $100 USD equals: 100.01 Bahamian dollars
  • What you can buy: 10 gallons of milk, 20 gallons of gas or about 14 combo meals from McDonald’s.


  1. Dubai
  • $100 USD equals: 367 Emirati Dirhams
  • What you can buy: Maybe one pair of Levis jeans, one pair of Nikes or two dinners at the neighborhood pub.


  1. India
  • $100 USD equals: 6,732 Indian Rupees
  • What you can buy: A dozen items — clothes, jewelry, housewares, etc. — from a local bazaar.


  1. South Africa
  • $100 USD equals: 1,556 South African Rand
  • What you can buy: A fun night out, including dinner and a show for two.


  1. Romania
  • $100 USD equals: 410 Romanian Leu
  • What you can buy: Multiple pieces of hand-painted pottery or 30-40 Romanian Easter eggs.


  1. Colombia
  • $100 USD equals: 320,574 Colombian Pesos
  • What you can buy: High-quality leather goods and artisanal crafts


  1. Grenada
  • $100 USD equals: 270 East Caribbean Dollars
  • What you can buy: Three coral necklaces and 6 pieces of lobster nigiri


  1. Russia
  • $100 USD equals: 7,326 Russian Rubles
  • What you can buy: One or two high-quality cans of caviar, or 20 Russian nesting dolls



Source – time

preview imgaes credit – thisisinsider


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