Power of connecting with others

Our personal growth and evolution (and the evolution of societies) come about as a result of connecting with our fellow humans, whether as a band of young warriors setting out on a hunt or as a group of coworkers heading out to the local pizzeria after work on Friday. As a species, we are instinctively driven to come together and form groups of friends, associations and communities. Without them, we cannot exist.

Connect and live longer

Making connections is what our grey matter does best. It recives information from our sense and processes it by making associations. Studies have show that people who stay socially and physically active have longer life spans. This mean getiing out and making new friends. when you make new connections in the outside world, you make new connections in the inside world in your brain. this keeps you young and alert.

Connect and feel love

Finally, we benefit from each other emotionally. We are not closed, self-regulating systems, but open loops regu- lated, disciplined, encouraged, reprimanded, supported and validated by the emotional feedback we receive from others. From time to time, we meet someone who influences our emotions and vital body rhythms in such a pleasurable way that we call it love. Be it through body language, gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice or words alone, other people make our hard times more bearable, our good times much sweeter.

Connect and feel safe

Connecting is good for the community. After all, a com- munity is the culmination of a lot of connections: com- mon beliefs, achievements, values, interests and geography. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Detroit. Three thousand years ago, in what today we call Rome, Indo-Europeans connected to hunt, survive and generally look out for one another. Three hundred years ago, a French trader turned up to create a safe haven for his fur business; he started making connections and pretty soon Detroit was born.

Conect and get cooperation

By connecting with other people they can fulfil your need and desire. If people like you, they will be disposed to give you their time and their effort. And the better the quality of repport you have with them , the higher the level of their cooperation.

Reference – Boothman, nb, 2000. how to make people like you in 90 secounds or less. 1st ed. new york: workman publishing company.

Preview photo credit yourstory


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